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Proxy and mirror ListSpeedStatus
ThePirateBay.RocksFastActive GoodGood
thepiratebay.kiwiSuper FastGreat
onion.lySuper FastGreat
Pirate-Bay.redVery FastGreat
Tpb.comVery fastSuper
Siteanable.asiaVery FastSuper
Pirate Bay AlternateSuper FastActive

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A brief on The Pirate Bay

Pirate bay is known as world's largest and biggest torrent indexing network, launched in 2003. Do you know? piratebay has 18M monthly visitors around the world which is a massive volume of thepiratebay (TPB) users or lovers. It's free of cost; you can download anything from here. Premium document files, all the latest movies released in several languages are available in HD, expensive games, paid software (free), nulled files and so many things are available there. That's why government across many countries has banned piratebay as they share the copyright content. If you try now to access it's official site i.e., you may get the message saying - "You are not authorized to access this page". By the way, you can access it from here without using any vpn or proxy. On click direct hidden access 100% working only at piratebay (TBP).

About TPB


TPB - Is stand for The Pirate Bay

Founded: November 21, 2003 (other dates have been mentioned) Founders: Gottfrid Svartholm (“anakata”), Fredrik Neij (“TiAMO”) and Peter Sunde (“brokep”)
May be TPB is banned some 200 times or may be more because of unauthorized content. also google has send it to DMCA so whenever a new TPB got active google suddenly takes action against it. however you should still enjoy the TPB to access it from here. download any movie latest Hindi/English movie, software (patched, nulled, crack), Games: Gta 5, Forza Horizon and more things.

Why Can’t I Access the Pirate Bay?

There are various reasons but the main reason I know that is copyright content you all know pirate bay or any torrent website doesn't following any policies, terms and condition they don't care about any policy so they sharing copyright content. (Example: Movie) when the movie media company reporting unauthorized content to DMCA so they sending report to GSC (google search console team) they taking the action and crawling copyright content to google bot and than they creating a report of unauthorized content than they sending it to media company and the last thing media company reporting it to ISP (internet service provider) Carrier company so when you visiting in TPB it's showing: "you are not authorized" Hope you got it!

Access The Pirate Bay Through a VPN ?

Yep. you should access TPB through VPN because virtual proxy networking changing their connection IP (Internet Protocol) while you using or connecting VPN online. there are so many online free VPN you should use to acccess the pirate bay in free of cost. Few free VPN (Hola, Express VPN, Touch VPN, Tunnel Bear) you may also find these mentioned vpn in android mobile playstore. enjoy the hacks to acccess TPB!

Pirate Bay Alternates

With the demand of torrent files and access of downloading all the latest release public files, users always wants to access torrent, even though it is banned in many countries. Despite the banned, there are so many ways to access torrent websites. Here are some best alternates of TPB which are unblocked. You can access them without any vpn or proxy at free of cost.



RARGB is a publicly curated torrent directory and is very organized. Each torrent found here comes with a detailed description and a lot of info you need to decide whether it’s worth assigning your bandwidth downloading the content. With RARBG, user satisfaction is achieved. With the fast servers of RARBG and it's alternatives, it's a few minute task to download torrent files.

Top 5 Best RARGB Proxies and Mirrors:



Kickass is known as 2nd top rated largest torrent website ever. kickass was launched in year 2008 and it also known as one of the best leading torrent site recently they check thier database has over 10 million torrent registers, and they refreshed or update daily. accessing the kickass is very easily you may find there trending links and also you should find easily movies, games or software to just search it name or category wise however there is no need of any signup or login process just visit directly and use here is free access kickass mirror's and proxy this is the best pirate bay alternate.

Top 5 Best Kickass Proxies and Mirrors:



When it comes to download any latest movie from the torrent and super fast server 1337x is the best and 1337x looks digital to other torrents. government and ISP services banning the 1337x because they shareing unauthorized copyright content without any permission but don't worry you can still access it without leak any privacy no need of any signup or login direct acccess enjoy 1337x torrent. 1337x is one of my best torrent website. It is quiet difficult to find torrent file if you spell it incorrectly, but if you spell the keyword correctly, you will surely find the appropriate and best quality content from here.

Top 5 Best 1337x Proxies and Mirrors:



Torrentz2 was before torrentz and it was the very popular website for downloading movies, software through VPN but than restrictions of DMCA it was shutdown but they again build torrentz2 which becomes top and most popular website so should easily access it without using any VPN or IP. there is no need to singup or login just direct access so enjoy it. With Torrentz2 proxy, the location is changed with a single click, so that you would not be tracked, because of proxy so it can get you access without any tracking. For access torrentz2 proxy, you will have to click on the list given below, so it will redirect you directly to torrentz2 mirror site websites, then you can download anything from there without any tracking. But (we don’t recommend torrents even you should buy netflix for movies and any application to direct owner).

Top 5 Best torrentz2 Proxies and Mirrors:


extratorrent was once a biggest bit-torrent website. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use directory and search engine for all kind of torrent files example: games, software, movies and more. Visitors of can upload torrents to this site, tracked by any BitTorrent tracker. One of the main reasons you should visit extratorrent is that they have high quality torrents and very friendly website and a vibrant community. You wont be disappointed!!. It is known as one of the largest bittorrent systems still online after the recent government-led hunt for illegal downloading of content. Like other torrent systems, it works on a p2p (peer to peer node js) file protocol that bases its usefulness on the number of peers as well as their willingness to ‘seed’ or share their files.

Top 5 Best Extratorrent Proxies and Mirrors:

The Pirate Bay History:

It is also known as TPB as you know, It was launched in year 2003 Swedish think tank Piratbyrån, TPB allow users to search, download and contribute magnet links and torrent files, which happen through peer-to-peer (p2p) file sharing among users of bittorrent protocol. It lets the users to download magnet links for their content. At the beginning, The Pirate Bay's four Linux servers ran a custom web server which is called Hypercube. On June 1, 2005, The Pirate Bay updated its website in an effort to reduce bandwidth usage of their servers, which was reported to be at 2 HTTP requests per millisecond on each of the four web servers which is also high. You might not believing in the fact that, As of September 2008, The Pirate Bay consisted of 31 dedicated servers including nine dynamic web fronts, a database, two search engines, and eight BitTorrent trackers which helps it's users to access anything so quickly. There has been so many conspiracies where application like Windows Live Messanger used to block the message if it contain the link of pirate bay in it.

It was founded on 21 November 2003 (particular date is not mentioned)- CEO Names: Gottfrid Svartholm (“anakata”), Fredrik Neij (“TiAMO”) and Peter Sunde.

The Pirate Bay news

In October 2018 the clearnet Pirate Bay website started to be inaccessible in some locations around the world, showing Error 522.

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